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General development trend and problems of Dongguan hardware

Source:admin 人气: Time2017-03-13 09:24

At present, related departments is leading the industrial regulation strategy of Dongguan hardware accessory industry, speeding up transformation and structural adjustment, developing from export-oriented to domestic and foreign trade, and domestic and foreign market simultaneously so as to expand domestic market continuously and play a actively leading role in this industry.A full-scale sparked the hardware industry, especially in the explosive growth in domestic sales. In the hardware industry growth at the same time, also exposed a series of problems.

Hardware market development to diversify, intelligent, but the market competition is given priority to with cheap way, high value-added hardware products favored by the market. Most dongguan hardware accessories factory is a metal mold design, metal mold manufacturing, metal products processing, surface treatment, product sales and service in a body's comprehensive production enterprise. Machining process including: the customer incoming sample to figure - CAD, PORE design development - mold manufacturing - cutting - single die/continuous die stamping - spot welding, touch welding, riveting - nickel plating, injection, painting - testing, testing of fittings - packaging - distribution. Mainly stamping materials have all kinds of stainless steel, manganese steel, tinplate, aluminium, brass, phosphor copper, manufacture, hot rolled plate, galvanized sheet, electrolytic plate and other metal products, and provide various surface treatment such as electroplating (galvanized, nickel plating, tin plating, silver plating, chrome plating), electrophoresis, powder spraying, painting, sandblasting, wire drawing, anode, polishing, passivation, screen printing, laser, etc. Dongguan hardware factory production of products mainly involves:

Electronic electric 1. Hardware accessories, switches, plugs, sockets, shrapnel, terminals, plug, connector, contact pills, fin (device), shield, the power supply box, box, shell, panel, decoration, stents, headset steel belt, horn stents, U cup, basin, fender, etc.;

2. Lighting lighting hardware accessories: LED lamp radiator, lampshade, lamp holder, a fixed frame, card clasp, shrapnel, lamp holder, lamp cups, lamp, lamp pole, lamp holder, light plate, light arms, etc;

3. Mechanical tools hardware accessories: printing machine accessories, bearing base, the valve handle, gasket gasket, shock box, support plate, counterweight iron, etc.

4. Other hardware accessories, auto parts hardware, toys, hardware, luggage hardware, lock hardware, furniture hardware, building hardware, transportation, hardware, general hardware, metal crafts, hardware accessories, clothing hardware, footwear hardware, handbags hardware such as all kinds of hardware accessories;

5. Precision springs, metal hose, lathe parts, screws, etc.

Under the relevant policy guidance, believe dongguan hardware industry will be developed toward the healthy and orderly direction. Dongguan hardware stamping industry situation a good future!

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